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It will seek to give some factual information about the energy that Helen BelŰt reintroduced to the world which she called Sekhem.


Helen BelŰtís Sekhem lineage has been under attack from people who have tried to deny the existence of her Sekhem energy and who will not accept that it is a different energy to Seichim.


A lot of the information on the internet about Helen BelŰtís lineage is incorrect. This website will seek to give some of the history surrounding the lineage in response to the incorrect information.


Helen BelŰt started to learn Seichim with Deepa Slater. At this time Deepa had not started teaching Seichim at the Masters level. Deepa did not start teaching at Masters level until many years after she first knew Helen as she felt that she wanted more experience of the power of the energy before teaching at Masters level. Helen BelŰt completed her Seichim training with Phoenix Summerfield who was the teacher of Deepaís Seichim teacher. Subsequently Phoenix Summerfield issued a written statement confirming Helen BelŰt as her official Seichim lineage bearer. A copy of that statement was hung on the wall of Helen BelŰtís treatment room in Australia. Extracts from that statement will in due course be posted to this website. The complete statement cannot be reproduced in the public domain as my copy has Phoenixís handwritten comments all over it which refer to other people.

The existence of this document dispels the myth that Helen tried some clever marketing stunt by rebranding Seichim as Sekhem because she was never a bona fide Seichim Master. She was a genuine Seichim Master and was Phoenix Summerfieldís official Seichim lineage bearer and had no need to rebrand Seichim as Sekhem.


Helen had been channelling also a different energy at the time that she was with Deepa and Phoenix which she chose to call Sekhem. The choosing of that name was unfortunate because it was a name that other people elsewhere in the Seichim lineages were using as an alternative name to Seichim. Helen was working, therefore, with three separate energies at the time Ė Reiki, Seichim and her Sekhem. She developed a teaching structure through which she initiated people into and taught the three energies in the same series of classes. There were separate initiations into the three energies. These were the classes that I took with Helen.


The Seichim energy that Helen taught was the energy that came down from Patrick Zeigler and Helen has always acknowledged Patrick Zeigler as the Head of Lineage for that, the definition of Lineage in this context being an unbroken chain of one to one energy empowerments. Helen BelŰtís Sekhem energy has no such direct connection with any experience that Patrick Zeigler has had in the Great Pyramid or elsewhere. Patrick Zeigler had no involvement with the initial channelling of Helen BelŰtís Sekhem energy.††


The personal attacks that have been made against Helen BelŰtís character on the internet are a form of bullying.


The comments that Helen BelŰt stole Phoenix Summerfieldís logo and used it for her own Sekhem logo are incorrect. A copy of correspondence between Helen and Phoenix regarding the logo will be posted to this website so that people can see the truth for themselves. That correspondence was submitted to the USA trademarking authorities as part of the response to Helen BelŰtís application to trademark the word Sekhem there.††††

I learned Helen BelŰtís Sekhem direct from her which is in contrast to a lot of the people making comments about her Sekhem on the internet who have never learned it or experienced it.


At the European Union Trademarking Court I opposed Helen BelŰtís application to trademark the name Sekhem in the European Union. I am, therefore, not one of Helen BelŰtís inner circle of Sekhem people but an independent person who will ensure that the truth about her Sekhem is in the public domain at the top of the Sekhem search engine results on the internet.


Current postings on the internet regarding the trademarking position for Sekhem in the European Union are incorrect.The correct position may be found by clicking here. There is a blanket ban on everybody using the word Sekhem throughout the European Union unless they have Helen BelŰtís permission to use the word. The only potential exceptions to this are people who may have a pre-existing contractual right to use the word Sekhem because they learned Sekhem within Helen BelŰtís lineage before she trademarked the name. Any conflict over this would need to be resolved in the national courts of the different countries in the European Union under local national contract law. Patrick Zeiglerís comments that I take the view that I am the only person allowed to use the word Sekhem in the European Union because I opposed the trademarking are incorrect and have no basis in law. My personal view is that everybody who had a pre-existing contractual right within Helen BelŰtís lineage to use the word Sekhem from before the trademarking date is still entitled to use the word. I am just one of many people with that contractual entitlement. I opposed Helenís trademarking application because a lot of people throughout the European Union were using the word Sekhem in spiritual and energy contexts and because there was a risk that they could be prevented from doing so once Helenís trademarking approval was in place. I was seeking to ensure that all people using the word Sekhem could continue to do so and was not seeking a restrictive right for myself.††


One of the problems with the trademarking issue is that Helen BelŰt has always maintained discretion over the name of the one person whose actions drove her more than those of anybody else to go down the trademarking route. Were she to disclose this name, a lot of the hidden history over the Seichim and her Sekhem energies would be out in the public domain and people would have a much better opportunity to deal with the issues arising.††††

My intention with this website is to ensure that public awareness of Helenís Sekhem energy does not get buried under a mass of incorrect information and interpretations.††††


Any problems of supposed present day separation and division within the Seichim family around Helen BelŰtís lineage are very simple to resolve. All that is required is acceptance of the fact that the energy that Helen BelŰt calls Sekhem is not Patrick Zeiglerís Seichim or his SKHM. It requires acceptance that the two energies that Helen referred to as Seichim and Sekhem have their own separate consciousnesses and determinations. It also requires acceptance that people are using the name Sekhem in different contexts. These are such simple matters that I cannot understand why they cannot be accepted.


In the days of Ancient Egypt, some of the Pharaohs had the responsibility of maintaining balance, truth and harmony between different dimensions of consciousness, some of which were related to the different star systems. In the present day those energy workers who have been able to break free of linear thinking archetypal One Source attitudes and have been able to access some of these stellar dimensions of consciousness have been able to achieve great personal development and understanding of their true galactic selves. The Seichim that I learned carries a Pleiadian energy vibration. Helen BelŰtís Sekhem carries a Siriun energy vibration. These two energies and the Higher Beings associated with them offered humans a great opportunity to take the first footsteps into stellar dimensions of consciousness if they were not already there. Helen BelŰt was well on that path when she was also accessing Orion dimensions of consciousness with her Khrem teachings. Unfortunately, instead of the Seichim energy community working together as a team to expand knowledge and experiences in this area, we have suffered the blockages that disputes over trademarking and who is Head of Lineage for this and that have caused. The adverse comments that have been posted about Helen BelŰt on the internet have got in the way of people understanding the true nature of her energy work. In truth Helen BelŰt is one of the leading energy workers on the planet with a great deal to teach people. These blockages are real and are preventing people from reaching their true potential.†††††††††††

I would expect that incorrect statements will be posted about me on the internet in connection with these matters. If anybody wishes to check the accuracy of anything that is posted about me, please feel free to e-mail me at info@healingenergies-at-londonwest.com. Please do not take at face value what other people might post about me without checking facts with me first.


Patrick Zeigler has posted comment on his website that I have threatened him with legal action. This is incorrect. Please click here to see a reproduction of an e-mail which I sent to Patrick Zeigler on 31st August 2007. This was my last communication with him discussing details of Sekhem related matters and as can be seen was quite amicable and did not contain any threat of legal action. I have never threatened Patrick Zeigler with legal action.††


There will be around 200 pages of information on this site so it is taking some time for it to go live.


Please click here to go to a page which attempts to prevent any confusion about getting William Randís Karuna Reiki mixed up with any of Patrick Zeiglerís lineages.