Patrick Zeigler has posted comment on his website that I have threatened him with legal action. This is incorrect. Below is a reproduction of an e-mail which I sent to Patrick Zeigler on 31st August 2007. This was my last communication to him which discussed matters relating to Sekhem. As can be seen it was quite amicable and did not contain any threat of legal action. I have never threatened Patrick Zeigler with legal action.    


I have never sent Patrick Zeigler any other communication in connection with Sekhem by postal services and have never telephoned him. All my previous contact with him has been by e-mail.      





31st August 2007


Dear Patrick,


Thank you for your e-mails.


The point at which some of the misunderstandings start is that Helen changed the context in which she used the word Sekhem. Any statements or comments made by her before the point at which she made the change relate to the old context in which she used the word Sekhem. Any statements or comments made by her after the point at which she made the change relate to the new context in which she uses the word. Therefore, if she made statements to you under the earlier context, they cannot be mapped automatically across to the context in which she uses the word now. Any statements made to you under the earlier context are not necessarily relevant to the which she uses the word now. The key point is that she changed the context in which she used the word Sekhem. If this is not understood, a lot of time and energy gets wasted when talking about Sekhem because people are not comparing like with like. It might well be that Helen did not communicate this to everybody, or might not have wished to communicate about this, resulting in people not realising what was going on with her. I cannot say because I was not there at the time. But the key point is she changed the context in which she uses the word Sekhem.    


With regard to Helen Belot, a contract exists in English Law for me to teach Sekhem. I am allowed to teach Sekhem. If she wishes to dispute this, it will need to go to Court for determination there.  The law exists to protect people and I will seek refuge in the law here should Helen try to break the contract.  


As you will be aware, I have posted a summary of the EU trademarking application to my website. It has been there for around 9 months now. I have received no complaint from Helen Belot or her legal people about it. If what I had said was incorrect, she would have got her legal people to ensure it was taken offline by now. Helen is aware of what I have been saying and she cannot challenge it because it is correct.


I do not wish to take any more of your time on this matter nor my time so please there is no need to reply. You have enough pressures on your time anyway. I do not have any ill feeling against you or Helen but it is maybe best if there is a simple understanding that people are working in different ways, each of which produces results, and we just get on with what we are doing. 


Anyway, I hope that all is well at home with the baby.


Many thanks,


Best Wishes,







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