Patrick Zeigler Lineages and Karuna Reiki


This page has been posted to my website for information purposes to help avoid confusion over Patrick Zeiglerís energy systems lineages and William Randís Karuna Reiki system.




Kathleen Milner is Head of Lineage for the trademarked Tera-Mai energies. Kathleen has done much to support the practice of working with the Tera-Mai energies for healing purposes and has travelled the world to teach them. Although I am not a member of Kathleenís Tera-Mai Association, I am in her Tera-Mai lineage for the Seichem and Violet Fire energies which I teach and work with. My teacher for these energies learned them direct from Kathleen.


William Rand is the well known founder of The International Center for Reiki Training based in the USA and is Head of Lineage for the trademarked Karuna Reiki system. William is one of the people within the Reiki community who has done most to facilitate the widespread teaching of Reiki around the world and his leadership has helped to change the world. My teacher for Reiki learned direct from William.


Patrick Zeigler is the American energy healer who had an initiatory experience in the Great Pyramid in Egypt and passed it on to other people by the name Seichim. He also developed subsequently the SKHM approach of working with energy and currently teaches SKHM around the world. Patrick is Head of Lineage for the Seichim that I learned. ††


Patrick Zeigler has posted to the internet advising along the lines that Ďsince its introduction over 40% of the Reiki variations have sprung out of Seichim, Tera Mai, Karuna and Sekhem being the most well knowní. An example of the posting can be seen at


Many years ago comments were circulating within the healing community regarding the origins of Kathleenís Tera-Mai Seichem system and Williamís Karuna Reiki system. At that time Kathleen and William wished to present an agreed position on this matter to the healing community and in 1995 a Joint Statement was agreed following a legal process. The Statement is reproduced further down this page.More recently, commitment to that Joint Statement as being the only official comment on the matter was confirmed following a further legal process.


When I first started learning Tera-Mai Seichem in 1997, it was regularly stated to me that William Rand had copied or plagiarised Kathleen Milnerís Tera-Mai Seichem and had called it Karuna Reiki. This information page is being posted at the beginning of 2011 and during 2010 I still heard people saying that William Rand had taken Kathleen Milnerís Tera-Mai Seichem and called it Karuna Reiki.


The Joint Statement reproduced below states quite clearly that both Kathleen Milner and William Rand accept that the courses that they teach are distinct, involving different teachings, methods, initiations and attunements. Not only is it incorrect for people to say that William Rand took Kathleen Milnerís Tera-Mai Seichem and called it Karuna Reiki, such statements are defamatory to William and call into question his personal integrity and standard of conduct in the public domain. William Rand is not a thief, he is not a fake, he is not a fraudster and he is not a liar. William is an honourable man who has worked hard for many years to facilitate the practice of Reiki around the world and is highly respected by those who have worked with him.


Patrick Zeigler has stated that Kathleen Milnerís Tera-Mai Seichem is a variation of his Seichim from the Great Pyramid. In case people reading Patrickís internet postings assume incorrectly that the Karuna that he is talking about as coming out of Seichim is William Randís Karuna Reiki because they know of Patrickís view of the connection between his Seichim and Kathleenís Tera-Mai Seichem and have also heard of the false allegations about William renaming Kathleenís Tera-Mai Seichem, could they please note the following:

                   Legal process resulted in the issuing of the Joint Statement confirming that what Kathleen and William teach is distinct.

                   Although Kathleen and William may use some symbols in their energy systems that look the same when written on paper, this does not mean that the energetic empowerment of the symbols is the same between their teachings and does not mean that the symbols have the same activation or effect between their energy systems.

                   Because there is no link between William Randís Karuna Reiki and Kathleen Milnerís Tera-Mai Seichem, there cannot by default be any link between William Randís Karuna Reiki and the work of Patrick Zeigler by way of a Kathleen Milner connection.

                   William Rand has never received any one to one initiations from Patrick Zeigler direct or from people in Patrick Zeiglerís Seichim lineage.

                   Consequently, nobody in William Randís Karuna Reiki lineage is in any Patrick Zeigler lineage in respect of William Randís Karuna Reiki.††††††

It would be appreciated if people could ensure that the information on this webpage is passed on should they ever hear incorrect statements being made about connections between William Rand, Kathleen Milner and Patrick Zeigler.


I have not made enquiries of Patrick Zeigler about which Karuna system he refers to in his internet postings and I do not know how many there are. If anybody needs clarification on what Patrick Zeigler means with his postings, he may be contacted through his website at


If anybody needs to check what I have written with William Rand, he may be contacted through his website at††††





The Joint Statement

William has given me permission to reproduce the Joint Statement below here on my website. Kathleen has posted confirmation of the importance of the Joint Statement to her website which can be found by clicking here.

Date of posting : 5th January 2011



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